Saturday, September 23, 2006

Screw Oklahoma

Oklahoma has the right to complain about the officials the call is one of the worst calls ever, but they're taking it too far. Its near the end of the week and they're still complaining. Its the coach's job to get his team to forget the previous game and focus on the game ahead, and it seems as if he's failing to do that.

Oklahoma had plenty of chances to win the game. Their defense had 2 chances to stop the Oregon. But they just stopped playing with 3 minutes to go. After the kickoff, they gave up a 3 play touchdown drive. Still they had a chance to win it at the end with a field goal, which they had blocked. From the way they played at the end they didn't deserve to win.

Now they're talking about not playing Washington next year. If stoops has the power to boycott Pac-10 games, then college football is on a slipery slope. Whats next, coaches picking whoever they want to play, No interconfrence play...

I say force him to play, if he doesn't, they forfeit the game, and it would count as a loss. He gets to show his disliking of the Pac-10 as well as get his point across, but has to take the hit for it. OU signed the contract to play those games, they have to live up to it.

Nothing is going to change, no records are going to be cleaned, the game counts as a loss for them. If anything they should use the loss as motivation and whup Washington next year as a revenge game. Because of Oklahomas constant complaining and threats to not play Pac-10 teams, I'm officially putting Oklahoma on my wall of shame.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I would watch every game if I could and still be left wanting more. But I don't have the NFL network, all I have is cable and internet. If you're like me, heres some sites that you'll love:
- This site shows which games are televised in which areas. - This site has links to online radio stations that broadcast the games. I'm a Dolphin fan in California, and that is the only way I can be updated on the game live. The gametrackers on Yahoo and just aren't that exciting.

Here are my predictions for the season. I realized that they are probably impossible, and I did not look at their schedules. I went by pure instinct. 11-13 wins is elite, 10 wins is playoff caliber but no more, 9 wins is not quite good enough for the playoffs, 8-7 wins is still have work to do, some big pieces of missing, or the team is disrupted by injuries. Under 6 means the team flat out isn't going anywhere.
Miami 10-6
New England 10-6
Buffalo 7-9
NY Jets 4-12

Cincinnati 11-5
Baltimore 10-6
Pittsburgh 10-6
Cleveland 8-8

Indianapolis 12-4
Jacksonville 10-6
Houston 5-11
Tennessee 2-14

Denver 11-5
Kansas City 9-7
San Diego 9-7
Oakland 5-11

Philadelphia 10-6
NY Giants 10-6
Dallas 10-6
Washington 8-8

Chicago 12-4
Detroit 8-8
Green Bay 7-9
Minnesota 7-9

Carolina 11-5
Atlanta 10-6
New Orleans 9-7
Tampa Bay 9-7

Seattle 13-3
Arizona 9-7
St. Louis 8-8
San Francisco 5-11

Championship Games
Indianapolis vs Cincinnati
Carolina over Seattle

Carolina over Indianapolis

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stephen A. Smith a Bit Rusty

I've always liked listening to Stephen A. Smith especially on his show Quite Frankly. I may not always agree with him, but I respect the fact that he speaks his mind no matter how sensitive the issue is, he asks the questions that everyone wants answered in interviews, and most of all, he's never on the fense on any issue. He always puts up good arguements, but in todays show you could see he was very rusty from his long vacation.

First he started the show talking about golf. To summarize it, he basically said he knew almost nothing about golf and he stinks at playing golf. Then based on that, he said Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever. Very nice Stephen A., very nice.

Later in his show he talked about fantasy football. This is where he really killed it. As I was reading the list of players in his league, I noticed a bunch of random people like John Rocker, along with Mariotti and Michael Smith who were the only guys that knew what they were doing. It seemed like a below average league. Then I saw another name that made me lose any tiny confidence I had in the league. In my eyes the league went from mediocre to complete garbage when I read the name...Sean Salisberry.

To compliment the list of people who knew nothing about football was Stephen A himself. He had a team of advisors tell him who to pick. In the first round, he said he was thinking about Quarterback. The advisors were quick to tell him otherwise. When they were talking about tight ends, he brought up Shockey. He even picked Domanick Davis in round 8. Any normal football fan would know about that injury in a day, two days at most. Why he didnt know, and why his advisors didn't tell him anything is a mystery to me.

Some more evidence of the league being a joke, Rocker picked Chad Johnson with the 3rd pick. The 2nd pick chose Manning. Edge dropped to round 2 while Harrison dropped to late round 3. I wish I was in that league.

Stephen A. should stick to what made the show so good, talking about controversial issues in sports, and not trying to analyze the sports he knows nothing about.