Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Players to Pick Up

Francisco Liriano, SP - He's been a reliever up to now this season, but is finally ready to be a starter. He gets his first start on friday. He is going to be one of the elite pitchers in the league. Jim Thome said of him, "That is as good a stuff from a left-hander as I've ever faced. The only comparable stuff I can think of is Randy [Johnson] when he was young. That kid is unbelievable."

Kerry Wood, SP - He makes his first start of the season this thursday. He pitched perfectly in the minors to get back into pitching mode. His fastball was clocked at 97 MPH. He's probably taken in most leagues, but theres always a few where you can find him in the free agents.

Brett Tomko, SP - He's been pitching great so far. He's not worth picking up and replacing a good pitcher, but if you have someone to get rid of on your team, then get this guy.

Wily Mo Pena, OF - He had that long 9 game hitting drought that messes up his total stats. But he's been hitting well ever since. Learning from Manny and Ortiz makes him a much better hitter.

Cole Hamels, SP - If he's still availible, get him. His first start was great. He doesn't have amazing speed like some of the other young pitchers, but he has amazing command and control. His stuff is great and his numbers have always been amazing, they say he can turn out to be the next Johan Santana.

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