Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My Superbowl Prediction Streak

So I'm on a pretty nice superbowl prediction streak.  Its been 2 years in a row I predicted the Superbowl matchup and winner, before the season began.  Here is my evidence, I created each of those topics. For fun I threw in the 05 and 06 Superbowls as well, that I predicted only days before the SB, not before the season, but both were accurate.


2005 Superbowl: Date posted - 1/30/2006

2006 Superbowl: Date posted - 2/6/2007


2012 Superbowl: Date posted - 9/10/2012 


2013 Superbowl: Date Posted - 2/4/2013 


Anyways, its time to pick my 2014 season Superbowl winner. I predict it will be San Francisco beating New England.

Patriots --  Most complete team in the AFC when healthy, have a reliable defense when healthy. Belichick will out scheme Manning given servicable talent on defense..which he should have next year. Von Miller isn't going to turn a complete ass of a defense into a decent one. KC doesn't have the testicular fortitude to win the AFC. Indy is too inconsistent although Luck will have a good regular season. Bengals have such a talented team, its a shame they are wasting it with their terrible playcalling. Regardless they'll get beat by KC, Den, or NE. The X-factor teams are Houston, Pitt, and Balt. If Balt can establish their running game better (near last in the league this year), they'll have a winning season. They have talent on defense still. Dunno whats the deal with Ray Rice, I know he was injured. If Rice can get 1700+ overall yards, they'll be a decent offense, Flacco is not bad. Pitt still has too many holes and isn't solid enough to make a legitimate run. Theres ZERO chance the Chargers make the playoffs. If Houston gets Manziel, and Manziel live up to expectations, which I think he can, they'll be a good team, with a similar record to Balt.

Niners -- Its pretty obvious its going to be either the Niners or Seahawks. Cam sucks. he's only good against crappy teams. Kaepernick will make the biggest improvement next year, more than Wilson and Cam. He'll be on par with Wilson, maybe slightly beneath. Both will be better QBs than Cam. They might not put up as many yards and TDs but they'll make more big plays in big games than Cam. No other team is balanced enough to compete. Saints D is overrated, Rob Ryan sucks ass. An improved Kaepernick will be enough for the Niners to beat the Seahawks. They might just lose both regular season games, but they'll win in the playoffs when it matters, doesn't matter where they play. This is the 2nd best defense in the league, in a close 2nd to Seattle. The SF offense has so much potential, it was being held back by an aging Gore and a struggling Kaepernick. I expect them to get fresh legs at RB, perhaps Lattimore can be the next guy, and I expect Kaepernick makes enough progress. Their defense is still severely underrated in the general publics eyes. Top 3 doesn't do them justice. They are clear #2 and carolina is #3. Niners will have the extra hunger and Seattle will have slightly less hunger.

And Niners should beat the Patriots just like 2012 regular season.   Here is my 2014 prediction of what will happen to Kaepernick.