Monday, January 30, 2006

Superbowl XL

There seems to by alot less hype over Superbowl 40. When I ask people who will win, I get the "ehh I don't really care" answer. You can thank Pittsburgh for that, they knocked off Indy, the most exciting team to watch and superbowl favorite all throughout the season. Whether it was Indy or Pittsburgh, the seahawks will be defeated. BOOK IT.

The Seattle Seahawks had one of the easiest schedules in the league. They played Arizona twice, San Francisco twice, St Louis twice, Tennessee, Green Bay, Houston, Philadelphia in the second half of the season, and a careless Indy team. No wonder they only lost 2 games. But its a new season in the playoffs where they had a first round bye to get rested, and then again played the worst offense in the playoffs, and then played another beat up team with a 4th string running back. Which is why their defense looks so good.

Pittsburgh on the other hand had a tougher schedule. They had went through the number 3, 2, and 1 seeds in the AFC, on the road. Which is easily the most difficult road possible in the playoffs, and they dominated those games (Although the score doesn't show it).

However, I have to give the seahawks credit. They did everything they were expected to do, you can't ask for more. We all know defense wins championships, and the caliber of offenses that Pittsburgh has played and shut down are much greater than those that Seattle played. Pittsburgh has stars on defense. Mr Amazing Troy Polamalu, Joey Porter
the Thug, but the weakness has always been the cornerbacks. So far they have been playing great, which makes that defense always unpenetrable. Seattle on the other hand has a softer defense, like Indy. Seattles really doesn't have any stars on defense, just some players who have been playing pretty good.

In the end Pittsburgh is a smashmouth team who have beaten every type of opponent, Seattle is a team that had an easy road to the superbowl and really are facing their first elite opponent now. I think the genious playcalling of the Steelers will win them the game. Final Score: Pittsburgh 30, Seattle 20.

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