Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galexy

Every book has a climax where the hero brilliantly prevails. In Hitchikers Guide to the Galexy by Douglas Adams, everything is flipped upsidedown. The most random twists happen, most of the time generating a small smirk on your face and a few times making you laugh.

However this book reaches cult status with many readers, as evident by all of its nicknames, HHG, HGG, HHGG, HHGTTG, H2G2, HG2G, The Hitchhikers Guide, Hitchikers', and just Guide.

The story begins with the main character, Arthur Dent, whos house is about to be demolished. Apparently he had time to protest, but no one told him about it. Ironically the same thing happens with the whole planet. The earth is about to be demolished and he manages to escape. The whole story goes on with his adventure.

In one part of the story, it talks about how scientists created a computer program just to answer the golden question: What is the meaning of life? *Spoiler* The computer gave the answer: 42. As all of our science teachers have said, a number without a unit is meaningless.

It definitely didn't live up to my comedic standards. I've seen far funnier TV shows and movies. However there was a joke or witty comment in almost every other sentence. It was an easy read because of that. It was good, not great. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick enjoyable read.

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