Sunday, March 25, 2007

Final Four: Georgetown

Up to now I have 93 points, and all my 4 final four teams are still in. I have OSU beating UCLA in the finals. That Georgetown game was a classic. I was praying the whole way that Gtown would come back. It was a complete effort by everyone. It was amazing how they came through in the clutch. Whenever it seemed like UNC was dominating, they would score key shots to keep it close. The worst they were down by was 11, but for most of the game they were down by 5-7 points. Finally at the end they went on a spree and were unstopped.

Georgetown was the better team in my opinion, by far. Hibbert was the key, on defense he would block shots and keep them in check, and on offense he would be a solid scorer. He was in foul trouble the whole game, and the way John Thompson managed him was excellent. He left him in when everyone else questioned him, and it payed off bigtime. What else amazed me was the passing of Georgetown. They made crisp passes inside. This is the best passing team I've ever seen in college. Hansborough had a very good first half, but was completely invisible in the second half. Georgetown deserved that win. Hibbert vs. Oden will be the game of the year in my opinion. I missed the other three games though, that sucks.

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