Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Actually Used to Like the Titans

The other day Steve McNair was told to go home by the Titans. He is no longer allowed to workout in the team facilities. McNair has 28.46 million dollars on the salary cap, 9 million this year. If he gets hurt this season, the Titans have to pay him the whole 9 million. The Titans tried to restructure his contract, but McNair and the team aren't coming to any agreements.

This is a classless move by the Titans. I've lost almost all respect for the team. McNair is a guy who gave 120% every game. He's played through injuries, all for the team. He led them to the super bowl, coming one yard shy of leading one of the greatest comebacks ever. He was MVP of the league just 3 years ago, and he's been the face of that organization for so many years.

McNair has all the rights to refuse giving up more money. He had repeatedly restructured his contract in the past just to get the Titans under the cap. He's been playing for less than he's worth for all these years, less salary, less bonuses, all because he was promised his money in the future. McNair has earned his money, so why would he restructure his contract again, only to get screwed next year?

I actually used to like the Titans, all because of one guy, McNair. The Titans front office just can't manage the team, and McNairs getting screwed because of it. The Titans are officially the first members of my Wall of Shame.

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