Friday, April 14, 2006

My Elite Fantasy Baseball Team

C: Ivan Rodriguez
1B: Adam Dunn
2B: Ricki Weeks
3B: Alex Rodriguez
SS: Omar Vizquel
OF: Ken Griffey Jr.

OF: Hideki Matsui
OF: Jeromy Burnitz

Ut: Sean Casey
BN: Julio Lugo

SP: Roy Halladay
SP: Randy Johnson
RP: David Weathers
RP: Dan Miceli
P: Brad Penny
P: Esteban Loaiza

P: Justin Verlander
BN: Orlando Hernandez

BN: Jarrod Washburn
BN: Aaron Harang
BN: Todd Jones

DL: Eric Gagne

My team is not great, but its pretty good. With good managing, I can win it all. I have inconsistant batters with Casey and Burnitz. Vizquel is my expendable player, hes only had 2 games with RBIs. He hits second in the lineup, so he'll mostly be getting runs and steals. But those are stats that Lugo or other free agents can give me. He won't be on my team much longer. Weeks is also interesting, hes the same as Vizquel, he gets steals and runs, but not RBIs. Weeks is supposedly an emerging star, which is the only reason I'm keeping him, hoping he gets hot. However, if I drop him no one will pick him up, so I might just do that. I'll probably pick up Jose Lopez and Khalil Green. One Burnitz gets cold, I'm going to drop him too.

Obviously my weaknesses are steals and saves. One Todd Jones is back I'll start generating more saves. Jones is only going to stay on my team if he's the starting closer when he comes back. He's old, but if he starts, he'll get many save opportunities. Gagne has a while to go, but I need to keep him for the second half of the season and playoffs. The two pitchers I'm seriously questioning are Washburn and Loaiza. What really made me keep both those players are Mariner and A's biases, Mariners, my favorite team, and A's, my home team and second favorite team.

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