Monday, October 02, 2006

Fantasy Baseball Recap

Back in April I posted my baseball team. My draft was very bad, I got ARod in round one, who failed to live up to expectations. Randy Johnson in round two, we all know how that went. Well I said with proper managing I could win it all. Well I managed in the beginning and at the end. Like most people, I completely forgot about my team in July and August. In late June I figured I'd make the playoffs, so why waste my time with this team until then. I ended up 2nd place in the regular season with a total of 56 moves, and ended the playoffs in 3rd place.

In the 2nd round of the playoffs, I ended up tied with my opponent and he got the victory because he had a lower ERA. This is complete bullshit. Its basically saying that ERA is the most important stat and more important than others. Techincally speaking, the point value of ERA becomes 1.1, the 0.1 addition coming from the fact that era is a tiebreaker. If thats how it is in the playoffs, why not give it that point value in the regular season? Because its not the most important. Infact its one of the worst stats to judge by. Pitchers can have bad games very easily. If a reliever gives up 2 runs and loses the game, his Era will be through the roof. Does that 1 game accurately measure the quality of the player? Hell no. Era is one of the most inconsistant stats because of that. The tiebreaker should be regular season record. That way the most deserving team goes on.

Next, heres my 3rd place team:
C: I. Rodriguez
1B: A. Dunn
2B: T. Iguchi
3B: A. Rodriguez
SS: J. Lugo
OF: M. Holliday
OF: Del. Young
OF: B. Bonds
Util: H. Matsui

SP: R. Hill
SP: C. James
RP: Jo. Nelson
RP: S. Torress
P: J. Suppan
P: M. Timlin
P: Jo Johnson
BN: C. Hamels
BN: B. Myers
BN: Ra. Johnson
BN: Roy Halladay

That might look like crap, but it got me the win. After 1 week I realized I had Strikeouts locked up and needed Saves, so I picked up some hot closers. The guys I had to end the season whom I dropped later were: Billingsley, Beak, Hillenbrand, Liriano, Juan Rivera, Todd Jones, Brad Penny, Carmona, Griffey, and Mathews Jr.

Well my lesson has been learned. Get at most two baseball teams, because no matter how excited you are in the beginning, it will wear down on you by July and you will get bored of baseball fast.

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